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We develop the most innovative finishing

solutions for banner-commercials!

Finish fabrics, mesh, PVC, paper etc.

- It's easy!

- It's cheap!

- It's quality!

- It's great design!

Play the video above to see how easy finishing can be!

Scandinavian Displays ApS is a development and sales company of innovative finishing solutions for banner commercials.
Scandinavian Displays is the developer of the patented EVO Graphic Finishing System. On the market for finishing of banners, there exist plenty of various products, but only one complete solution that offers a complete product range where customers can put together the products as they like for their specific needs - the answer is EVO Graphic Finishing!

With EVO Graphic Finishing system, customers are now able to get the solutions they need - we have a standard product range, but together with our flexible partners, we are offering custom made solutions.
With EVO Graphic Finishing System, you can finish prints in a width of up to 120 cm quickly and professionally.

The EVO Graphic Press, which is brilliant for both large and small series, can handle paper, fabric and print media. As something quite unique finishes it the fabric material without seams. A highly professional achievement!
The machine is extremely easy to operate, and every employee will without any training could finish your products in minutes if not seconds! It is an investment that breaks even in a short time. You save money because you or your employees can handle that which an outside contractor so far has taken care of. In addition, you are always first in the queue for a fast and flexible machine - and the one closest to the customers when they need quality.

The development in Scandinavian Displays is not only concentrated around the development of standard concepts. We often develop custom-made products and solutions, our company has a superb relationship with developers, designers, manufacturing companies, distributors and others, which makes us able to develop the solutions within finishing that are, and will be, the future within finishing of banners.